"Plants with a Purpose," is a community engagement initiative dedicated to helping alleviate the impact of Food Deserts in the U.S. Food Deserts, as defined by the USDA, are neighborhoods and towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, affordable food (specifically fruits and vegetables). It is estimated that more than 23 million Americans live in impacted areas.

Sabra's Plants with a Purpose initiative took root in 2016 with a pilot program in the company's backyard in Richmond and Chesterfield County, VA through the establishment of an organic employee work-share garden on Sabra's campus, home to the company’s Gold LEED certified hummus-manufacturing facility.

In comparison to areas of similar size, Richmond has been described as the largest food desert in the country. Sabra employs nearly 600 professionals at its Virginia facility. The on-site garden and associated support for community engagement, the planting of community gardens, nutrition and culinary education programming is coordinated in collaboration with Renew Richmond, a non-profit dedicated to urban agriculture in underserved Richmond, VA, communities.

In 2017, Sabra expands its efforts through employee engagement volunteer opportunities including an Earth Day of Service at all locations and through partnerships with those addressing the needs of families in underserved areas of the Bronx, NY.

"This is the land of plenty, but there are plenty who lack far too much including access to the necessity of fresh fruits and vegetables. As a brand dedicated to creating a fresh new way of eating and connecting, we are uniquely positioned to help address this very real and sometimes surprising challenge facing communities across the country, where access to affordable fast food far outpaces or entirely overtakes access to quality, affordable fruits and vegetables."- said Sabra CEO Shali Shalit-Shoval

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